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Documents and links

This page contains various documents related to (changes in) legislation and regulations for (waste of) electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

An overview of the Member States’ national WEEE registers can be found here.

The documents can be downloaded as PDF. [Download Adobe Reader]

Some documents are only available in Dutch (titles not translated) or only in English.

The current legislation can be found here: Regeling AEEA and Directive No. 2012/19/EU, also known as (W)EEE directive.

For an explanation of this legislation, you can read the original publications in the Staatcourant (2014, 2020, in Dutch) or the official journal (2012).

NL Regeling AEEA stcrt-2014-2975[2] Download
NL Beslismodel apparaat of component RWS_01-08-2019 Download